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    FC Barcelona vs Porto in Deco’s Testimonial Match

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  2. Kaka got confused and didn’t know where to look during an interview

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    Lia 😈💋😭

    looooool 😂😂

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  4. Antonella’s comment and Thiago’s face , when he saw this photo 

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  6. “That’s what I do: look for spaces. All day. I’m always looking. All day, all day. Here? No. There? No. People who haven’t played don’t always realize how hard that is. Space, space, space. It’s like being on the PlayStation. I think shit, the defender’s here, play it there. I see the space and pass. That’s what I do.”

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  8. Instagram Tello

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    dos en uno y uno en dos

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  10. July 19th, 2014: Exactly 1 year ago today, Tito Vilanova was forced to resign as Barcelona coach to further his cancer treatment. Per sempre etern, míster.

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